Feel-good baths

Aromatic bath, 20 minutes, €15 (1-2 persons)
An aromatic bath gives you an energising, feel-good experience. Aromatic baths are based on aroma therapy and the use of ethereal oils. The oils stimulate metabolism and circulation and remove accumulated liquids from the body. We use domestic bath oils that are supplied by the Frantsila Herb Farm. The oils are made from extracts obtained from organically grown local herbs.

Peat bath, 20 minutes, €19 (1-2 persons)
In Central Europe, peat has been used for health care and beauty treatments for more than 200 years. Peat has healing and health promoting effects. Medicinal peat is free from bacteria that may cause adverse effects to the skin or body, which means that it can be used to treat even severe rashes and mucous membrane damage. A peat bath relaxes, invigorates, soothes skin, and stimulates circulation.
Remember also our duo bath tubs for two, to enjoy a bath together with your friend or spouse!

Hydro massage, 20 minutes, €15
A treatment provided in an automatic water massage bath tub which uses
water pressure to massage the body.

kuntoranta.bonsait.fiAquatar steam bath, 
- 15 minutes, €8
- 60 minutes, 15 €

Let yourself be pampered and cured by an Aquatar bath. The beneficial effects of steam are known everywhere. Consequently, steam is used in a variety of treatments throughout the world. A steam bath relaxes and reduces stress. In addition, it cleanses the body from waste products and moistens the skin. The steam-bath-generated humid warm air stimulates dermal circulation and may also have a positive effect on sleep problems.